Automatically loading Grunt tasks with matchdep

Have you ever installed a new GruntJS-plugin and then forgotten to load it as a task in the gruntfile.js? Matchdep is a handy tool, which can solve this issue.

What is matchdep?

Matchdep is a tool which can filter node.js dependencies, which are in the package.json file.

Installing it is very easy: npm install --save matchdep

Automatically loading GruntJS tasks


What we are doing here is: basically reading all (dev)dependencies from the package.json and filtering those out which begin with 'grunt-'. These are tasks like all Grunt contrib tasks (grunt-contrib-concat, grunt-contrib-less, grunt-contrib-copy, etc.) and other Grunt specific tasks (like grunt-browserify or grunt-hashres). After filtering we load them as tasks.

What can matchdep be used for besides loading Grunt tasks?

Honestly I must say, I have no idea. But this is still pretty cool, that we don't have to include each grunt plugin individually.

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