Worth watching: Douglas Crockford speaking about the new good parts of JavaScript in 2014

20th October 2014 | by Adam Beres-Deak | video, javascript

At the Nordic.js 2014 Douglas Crockford was giving a talk about what he considers to be "the good parts" of JavaScript in 2014. He talks about ECMAScript6, what parts of it he could already identify as the new good parts, and of which he thinks, that they are going to be the new bad parts. Read on for my summary or just whatch the video.

The "good parts" he identified in ES6

The bad parts

He admits that all the ES6 things are new and it's hard to decide whether they are going to be good or bad. But there are definitely things, where he feels they are going to be bad.

He made some thoughts about the next language after JavaScript

I think it was a very interesting talk. Douglas Crockford had many interesting points about programming in modern JavaScript. There are some points which are maybe debatable. What do you think? Do you agree with him? Do you have better ideas? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

by Adam Beres-Deak

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